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City of Englewood Cushing Park monument sign

City of Englewood Parks

The City of Englewood offers over 250 acres of parks and open land to be enjoyed recreationally by Colorado residents. Ad Light Group was contracted by the City of Englewood to fabricate and install 17 monument signs for over 10 of Englewood’s parks to identify them more clearly for visitors. The scope not only included the fabrication and installation, but also site coordination for placement, foundation work and landscaping. The city identification package was designed by Tacito Design.

Gleam Car Wash information panels

Gleam Car Wash

Gleam Car Wash is a full-service environmentally sustainable car wash located on 38th Ave in the Denver Highlands. The locally owned business reclaims almost all the water used and treats 100% of it.  The colorful branding and sign package was designed by Stantec and features custom fabricated exterior informational panels, directionals, and a 32’ twisted aluminum pylon sign. The pylon proved to be a fun challenge for the Ad Light Group team to create the full degree twist in a structural and aesthetic way. The sign package also included additional signs and graphics on the interior, adding a pop of color to the building from start to finish.

RTD Pena Station directional to trains and to ticket vending

RTD Pena Station

Hensel Phelps and Dig Studios chose to collaborate with the Ad Light Group team to design, fabricate, and install signage for the RTD Station at 61st and Pena Station. The exterior sign project included a monument sign and wayfinding which helps direct RTD riders as they enter and exit the station along the A-Line.