Ad Light Group | Solana Lucent Station | Monument, ADA
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  • Solana Lucent Station custom fabricated monument sign
  • Solana Lucent Station glass room ID sign
  • Solana Lucent Station exterior wall sign by entrance
  • Solana Lucent Station glass restroom ID sign
  • Solana Lucent Station Unit ID sign
  • Solana Lucent Station future resident parking sign

Solana Lucent Station

In 2018, Ad Light Group was contracted by Reylenn Construction to design and build a sign package for two of their residential properties: Solana Lucent Station and Solana Olde Town Station. Our team developed a brand look for the monument signs that Solana could carry across both properties. Solana Lucent is a luxury property that offers high-end amenities including a resort style pool and fitness center. The project’s scope involved exterior monuments, building signs, wayfinding, directionals, and glass ADA unit ID signs and room ID signs. Ad Light Group’s in-house design team created a sign package for the property using a mix of materials to provide a unique finish and branding for the property. The wood used in the package was also strategically stained to match the other elements of the building to provide consistency.


February 5, 2021


ADA, Glass, Illuminated, Monument, Multi-Family