Ad Light Group | Gleam Car Wash | Monument, Non-Illuminated
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  • Gleam Car Wash pylon sign
  • Gleam Car Wash pylon sign close up
  • Gleam Car Wash pylon and FCOs
  • Gleam Car Wash information panels
  • Gleam Car Wash information panels
  • Gleam Car Wash interior vinyl and FCOs

Gleam Car Wash

Gleam Car Wash is a full-service environmentally sustainable car wash located on 38th Ave in the Denver Highlands. The locally owned business reclaims almost all the water used and treats 100% of it.  The colorful branding and sign package was designed by Stantec and features custom fabricated exterior informational panels, directionals, and a 32’ twisted aluminum pylon sign. The pylon proved to be a fun challenge for the Ad Light Group team to create the full degree twist in a structural and aesthetic way. The sign package also included additional signs and graphics on the interior, adding a pop of color to the building from start to finish.


January 25, 2021


Monument, Murals & Supergraphics, Non-illuminated, Specialty