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The Madison Board Form Concrete Monument

Unlocking the Beauty of Board Form Concrete: The Madison’s Monument Signage

When it comes to creating a lasting impression, it’s essential to pay attention to even the smallest details. At The Madison, a picturesque property developed by BMC Investments, this philosophy reigns supreme. Ad Light Group, in collaboration with BMC Investments, embarked on a remarkable journey to bring this vision to life. The result? A breathtaking board form concrete monument and other innovative signage solutions that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Board Form Concrete: A Unique Canvas


Board form concrete is more than just a building material; it’s an art form. It’s the perfect medium to bridge the gap between modern architecture and the rustic charm of The Madison’s natural surroundings. This concrete monument serves as both functional signage and a captivating work of art, creating a distinctive sense of place.


The Madison: A Natural Oasis

Close-Up of The Madison's Board Form Concrete Monument

A detailed close-up of The Madison’s board form concrete monument, showcasing its exquisite craftsmanship.


Nestled within a serene neighborhood, The Madison harmonizes effortlessly with the rolling prairies that frame its landscape. This deliberate connection to nature was the inspiration for the signage project. Ad Light Group, building on the branding package crafted by Fifty3, embarked on a creative journey that would result in an exceptional sign package, with the board form concrete monument taking center stage.


Creating Signage Family Concepts


Ad Light Group’s task was to develop signage concepts that complemented the garden-style complex and its natural surroundings. The board form concrete monument was the crowning jewel in this intricate puzzle. With meticulous planning and craftsmanship, it was designed to harmonize with architectural elements from the complex and the surrounding landscape.


The Elegance of Materials


The sign package at The Madison is a testament to the versatility of materials. In addition to the board form concrete monument, other materials like routed aluminum panels, digitally printed graphics, and raised photopolymer for ADA panels were utilized. Each material was carefully chosen to serve its purpose while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the project.


1. Board Form Concrete Monument: A Timeless Touch


The heart of the signage project at The Madison lies in its board form concrete monument. This iconic structure not only guides residents and visitors but also stands as a symbol of the property’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality.


2. Natural Integration: Blending with the Landscape


The board form concrete monument at The Madison isn’t just a sign; it’s an integral part of the landscape. Designed to mimic the textures and tones found in the natural environment, it seamlessly blends with the surroundings.


3. Architectural Alchemy: A Marriage of Style and Substance


The board form concrete monument showcases an architectural alchemy that marries modern design with rustic charm. It embodies the property’s commitment to a timeless and elegant aesthetic.


4. Signage as Art: Functional Beauty

Close-Up of The Madison's Interior Photopoly Leasing Sign

A close-up of The Madison’s interior photopoly leasing sign, showcasing its elegant design.


At The Madison, signage isn’t just functional; it’s a work of art. The board form concrete monument stands tall as a captivating sculpture that enhances the property’s visual appeal.


5. Eco-Friendly Signage: A Sustainable Choice


Incorporating board form concrete into the signage strategy also aligns with The Madison’s commitment to sustainability. Concrete is a durable and eco-friendly material that will endure for generations to come.


6. Craftsmanship Beyond Compare


The board form concrete monument at The Madison is a testament to Ad Light Group’s exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully molded and finished to perfection, ensuring it will stand the test of time.


7. A Lasting Legacy: The Madison’s Signature


The board form concrete monument at The Madison isn’t just a sign; it’s a signature of the property’s commitment to excellence, aesthetics, and a profound connection with nature.


In conclusion, The Madison’s board form concrete monument is more than just a sign; it is a celebration of artistry, craftsmanship, and a harmonious blend with nature. This monument serves as a testament to the property’s dedication to creating a unique and memorable living experience. At The Madison, every detail, down to the signage, has been meticulously designed to enhance the beauty of the surroundings and leave an indelible mark on those who call it home.


If you’re interested in exploring more of The Madison’s stunning board form concrete monument and the breathtaking natural surroundings, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for exclusive glimpses. For inquiries or to schedule a visit, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Your journey to an extraordinary living experience awaits!

Evertrees Lakewood Illuminated at Sunset - A Symbol of Artistic Ingenuity

Evertrees Lakewood: Artistry and Innovation

Evertrees Lakewood Illuminated at Sunset - A Symbol of Artistic Ingenuity

Behold the breathtaking Evertrees Lakewood, a magnificent blend of nature-inspired artistry and innovative craftsmanship, aglow in the warm hues of a mesmerizing sunset.

Experience the Splendor of Evertrees Lakewood

In 2022, a remarkable transformation took place on the bustling Historic Colfax Ave in Lakewood, thanks to the visionary collaboration between the City of Lakewood and the renowned Denver artist, Nestor Fedak. The result was a stunning public landmark that is set to capture hearts and imaginations for generations to come – the mesmerizing ‘Evertrees Lakewood’. Leading the charge in making it a reality was Ad Light Group, the dynamic force behind the construction and installation of this breathtaking masterpiece.


Ad Light Group’s Artistry Shines on Historic Colfax Ave

Ad Light Group, a prominent name in the realm of artistic installations, was honored with the responsibility of bringing Nestor Fedak’s artistic vision to life. The Evertrees Lakewood project was not just about erecting structures; it was a celebration of nature’s beauty intertwined with human innovation. Ad Light Group joined forces with the artist and the local community to meticulously craft three custom-fabricated trees that would not only grace the city’s landscape but also evoke a sense of wonder and unity.


Crafting Beauty from Steel: The Patina Steel Trunks

At the core of this artistic endeavor were the meticulously designed trees. The trunks of the Evertrees were skillfully crafted using patina steel, a material carefully chosen to emulate the rugged elegance of evergreen bark. The Ad Light team’s expertise came to the fore as they employed their proprietary patina process, which imbued the steel with a corten finish. This finish not only replicated the natural texture of bark but also infused the trunks with a rustic charm that harmoniously blended with the surroundings.


Innovation didn’t stop there. Ad Light Group’s commitment to longevity and aesthetics led them to apply a protective layer of clear finish to the patina steel. This step not only safeguarded the surface from oxidation runoff but also ensured that the trees maintained their captivating appearance for years to come. The foresight displayed by Ad Light Group in preserving the artwork’s integrity showcases our dedication to both artistic expression and community enrichment.


Glistening Leaves: A High-Gloss Marvel

The pièce de résistance of the Evertrees Lakewood project lies in its foliage – the emerald-hued leaves that crown the artistic steel trunks. These leaves were a triumph of artistry and technique, the result of a specialized process that transformed rolled aluminum into an enchanting spectacle. Through a meticulously layered approach, Ad Light Group painted the aluminum leaves with shades of green, employing speckle layers to achieve a captivating high-gloss finish. This intricate process achieved a remarkable feat – capturing the sunlight’s essence and reflecting it through a mesmerizing dance of glimmers, mirroring the natural radiance of actual leaves.


Join the Journey on Instagram!

As Ad Light Group reflects on our involvement in this exceptional venture, a sense of pride resonates. The Evertrees Lakewood project is not just about trees and steel; it’s a symbol of collaboration, a tribute to nature, and a salute to the city’s identity. The amalgamation of Ad Light Group’s craftsmanship, Nestor Fedak’s artistic brilliance, and the Lakewood community’s appreciation has culminated in an icon that will etch its place in history.


The ‘Evertrees Lakewood’ project stands as a living testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and innovation. Ad Light Group’s expertise in crafting the patina steel trunks and creating the resplendent aluminum leaves showcases their dedication to realizing an artistic vision that harmonizes with the surroundings and uplifts the community’s spirit. The collaboration between Ad Light Group, Nestor Fedak, and the City of Lakewood has given birth to an enduring symbol of nature’s grandeur and human creativity. As the sun filters through the leaves, casting a shimmering spectacle of light, one can’t help but be drawn into the enchanting world of Evertrees Lakewood – a realm where art and innovation intertwine to create magic on Historic Colfax Ave.


For a closer look at the breathtaking journey of Evertrees Lakewood, check out our Instagram page!  You can also take a look at other custom monument Denver Signage projects we’ve completed on our full website HERE.


Join us in celebrating this remarkable feat of artistry and innovation that promises to stand as a testament to community spirit and creative excellence for decades to come.

Snowmass Prof Pic

Snowmass Village Entry Monument

Our partnerships with hospitality and resort management companies lend themselves to some amazing concepts and big ideas!  The Snowmass Village entry monument, envisioned by the award winning team at Stantec, was designed to make a statement with this towering 40′ wide rolled I-beam with cor-ten finish, anchored by two stone bases on either side.  The letters are a fabricated aluminum shell with halo illuminated centers that conceal their lighting to create a subtle, reverent glow visible as your pass through into the property.  Monuments like these build on the legacy of enduring architecture and impart the character of the property through high-end design.

ADA thumbnail

Custom ADA Signage – 4 Materials for Stunning Designs

Custom ADA signage provides our clients with endless opportunities to broadcast their branding.  Materials ranging from photopolymer, glass, wood, and metals allow us to create custom architectural signage that enhances any environment while meeting all ADA criteria.  In this article, we’ll show you how different materials provide their own set of benefits and design advantages.


Photopolymer ADA Signage
Custom ADA Signage - Photopolymer

Custom Photopolymer ADA Sign

Photopolymer signage is the industry standard option when considering interior ADA.  It’s easy to work with, cost effective, and allows for any design to painted or printed on the first or second surface.  This is our most common interior ADA substrate and can be found in dozens of different applications from multi-family & healthcare to education & entertainment.  We have secured a partnership with Nova Polymer to source large volumes of high-grade materials which allow us to offer our clients the best pricing available and an unlimited scope of design options with customer photopolymer ADA signage.

Most ADA photopolymer signs range from 1/8″ thick to 1/4″ thick but can be ordered in 3/8″ and 1/2″ as well.  We offer an exterior grade photopolymer which is especially designed to withstand heat and direct sunlight, perfect for outdoor applications like garden style apartment buildings and exterior stair core entries that require ADA design and fabrication.


Glass ADA Signage

Ad Light is proud to be one of the only glass sign providers in the Front Range and have found our clients love this option for their interior signage projects.  Glass sets itself apart from other materials with an instantly recognizable elegance stemming from crisp edges, deep textures, and brilliant colors.  Light interacts with glass in such a way that no other material can, bringing paint colors and prints to life through clarity and dimension.  Standard thickness for glass is 1/4″ when used in interior ADA signs, but can be ordered in varying dimensions and even layered.

Manufacturing glass ADA signage is a specialized process requiring skill, experience, and premium equipment to execute properly.  The staff at Ad Light has over 10 years of experience in glass manufacturing and our understanding of the process from procurement, design, blasting, and specialized painting results in the highest level of quality in the final products. Our sandblasting machine was imported directly from Italy and has been meticulously maintained to ensure our custom glass ADA signage are manufactured to our Ad Light standard and satisfy all ADA requirements.  It’s also an outstanding material to pair with aluminum and steel.  Check out some examples of glass ADA signage from our Solana Lucent Station project here.


Custom ADA Sign - Wood with Photopolymer panel

Direct printed logo on wood backer with Photopolymer ADA panel

Wood ADA Signage

Wood provides an excellent opportunity to tie in architectural elements in corridors, entries, and anywhere else you might want to bring some organic design to your space.  We have seen a major shift to using wood material in our custom ADA signage and have found several ways to help our client incorporate any species of wood into their sign systems.

Conventional sign standards like individually mounted characters are still used, but 3D printed raised characters and symbols are certainly the wave of the future for ADA signage.  Ad Light is proud to offer all methods of incorporating raised characters and symbols to any material (except water, and yes, we’ve tried).  See an excellent example of custom wood ADA from our COLAB project here and another great example can be found on our Instragram page here!


Metal ADA Signage

Metals such as aluminum, steel, brass, and bronze are great options in creating stunning designs that can pair with architectural features in any setting.  It is truly amazing how many different finishes can be achieved with metal.  For example, aluminum alone can come in brushed, polished, painted, or anodized – each option having countless variations to choose from.  The expert designers and consultants at Ad Light can help choose which of these design elements will best fit your project and how we can bring your branding to life with metal signage.  See some beautiful examples of metal signage used at Fremont Residences here!



Google Boulder Steel Vestibule Exterior

Pearl Place | Google Boulder

The first phase of construction on Google’s Boulder campus was completed in 2017. Within the same year, Saunders Construction contracted Ad Light Group to fabricate custom architectural pieces for the new campus. The project featured several monument signs, a custom vestibule, and pedestrian bridge handrails, all which were built using steel with a rusted patina finish. The colorful logo and address numbers were created from laser cut acrylic and contrasted well off of the rust coloration of the monument signs. The project designed by Tryba Architects was fabricated and installed by Ad Light Group.

Visit Denver Bike Light fixture

Visit Denver

Denver’s Tourist Information Center offers visitors information on lodging, restaurants, and activities in the Mile High City. The city’s tourist center interior design was uniquely built around the custom bike light fixture the Ad Light Team built. Denver is historically known to be a very bike friendly city recreationally and for the daily commute. Using B-Cycle bikes, we created a ‘bike chandelier’ and installed it over the main service counter. The project also included custom built brochure holders, vinyl graphics, and a cylinder light pendant with digitally printed panels. Mandil Inc designed the project and contracted directly with Ad Light Group for fabrication and installation.