Evertrees Lakewood: Artistry and Innovation
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Evertrees Lakewood: Artistry and Innovation

Evertrees Lakewood Illuminated at Sunset - A Symbol of Artistic Ingenuity

Behold the breathtaking Evertrees Lakewood, a magnificent blend of nature-inspired artistry and innovative craftsmanship, aglow in the warm hues of a mesmerizing sunset.

Experience the Splendor of Evertrees Lakewood

In 2022, a remarkable transformation took place on the bustling Historic Colfax Ave in Lakewood, thanks to the visionary collaboration between the City of Lakewood and the renowned Denver artist, Nestor Fedak. The result was a stunning public landmark that is set to capture hearts and imaginations for generations to come – the mesmerizing ‘Evertrees Lakewood’. Leading the charge in making it a reality was Ad Light Group, the dynamic force behind the construction and installation of this breathtaking masterpiece.


Ad Light Group’s Artistry Shines on Historic Colfax Ave

Ad Light Group, a prominent name in the realm of artistic installations, was honored with the responsibility of bringing Nestor Fedak’s artistic vision to life. The Evertrees Lakewood project was not just about erecting structures; it was a celebration of nature’s beauty intertwined with human innovation. Ad Light Group joined forces with the artist and the local community to meticulously craft three custom-fabricated trees that would not only grace the city’s landscape but also evoke a sense of wonder and unity.


Crafting Beauty from Steel: The Patina Steel Trunks

At the core of this artistic endeavor were the meticulously designed trees. The trunks of the Evertrees were skillfully crafted using patina steel, a material carefully chosen to emulate the rugged elegance of evergreen bark. The Ad Light team’s expertise came to the fore as they employed their proprietary patina process, which imbued the steel with a corten finish. This finish not only replicated the natural texture of bark but also infused the trunks with a rustic charm that harmoniously blended with the surroundings.


Innovation didn’t stop there. Ad Light Group’s commitment to longevity and aesthetics led them to apply a protective layer of clear finish to the patina steel. This step not only safeguarded the surface from oxidation runoff but also ensured that the trees maintained their captivating appearance for years to come. The foresight displayed by Ad Light Group in preserving the artwork’s integrity showcases our dedication to both artistic expression and community enrichment.


Glistening Leaves: A High-Gloss Marvel

The pièce de résistance of the Evertrees Lakewood project lies in its foliage – the emerald-hued leaves that crown the artistic steel trunks. These leaves were a triumph of artistry and technique, the result of a specialized process that transformed rolled aluminum into an enchanting spectacle. Through a meticulously layered approach, Ad Light Group painted the aluminum leaves with shades of green, employing speckle layers to achieve a captivating high-gloss finish. This intricate process achieved a remarkable feat – capturing the sunlight’s essence and reflecting it through a mesmerizing dance of glimmers, mirroring the natural radiance of actual leaves.


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As Ad Light Group reflects on our involvement in this exceptional venture, a sense of pride resonates. The Evertrees Lakewood project is not just about trees and steel; it’s a symbol of collaboration, a tribute to nature, and a salute to the city’s identity. The amalgamation of Ad Light Group’s craftsmanship, Nestor Fedak’s artistic brilliance, and the Lakewood community’s appreciation has culminated in an icon that will etch its place in history.


The ‘Evertrees Lakewood’ project stands as a living testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and innovation. Ad Light Group’s expertise in crafting the patina steel trunks and creating the resplendent aluminum leaves showcases their dedication to realizing an artistic vision that harmonizes with the surroundings and uplifts the community’s spirit. The collaboration between Ad Light Group, Nestor Fedak, and the City of Lakewood has given birth to an enduring symbol of nature’s grandeur and human creativity. As the sun filters through the leaves, casting a shimmering spectacle of light, one can’t help but be drawn into the enchanting world of Evertrees Lakewood – a realm where art and innovation intertwine to create magic on Historic Colfax Ave.


For a closer look at the breathtaking journey of Evertrees Lakewood, check out our Instagram page!  You can also take a look at other custom monument Denver Signage projects we’ve completed on our full website HERE.


Join us in celebrating this remarkable feat of artistry and innovation that promises to stand as a testament to community spirit and creative excellence for decades to come.


August 14, 2023


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