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Project Highlights – 2021 Q1

New Year, New Opportunities

Ad Light Group has been working on many exciting sign projects since the start of 2021. A few notable jobs we wanted to highlight include: Empower Field at Mile High, Clovis Point Apartments, and Highlands Ranch.

Empower Field at Mile High Denver, CO

Empower Field Gate Headersempower field gate 9 directional Empower Interior Rebranding1 1

CLIENT Stadium Management
DESIGNER Monigle, Inc.
COMPLETED January 2021

For years, Ad Light Group has partnered with Stadium Management on various projects at Mile High Stadium. These past projects have included removing, refurbishing, and installing signage on the stadium’s interior and exterior. This year, our team fabricated and installed new branding signage for Empower Field. The sign types included gate headers, parking signage, pedestrian signs, and larger illuminated signs located within the stadium.


Clovis Point Apartments Longmont, CO

Clovis Point Apartments Monument Sign with AddressClovis Point Apartments interior directional   Clovis Point Apartments Leasing office

CLIENT McWhinney Real Estate
DESIGNER Worboys Design
COMPLETED March 2021

Ad Light Group fabricated and installed all exterior and interior signage. The exterior signs include directionals, monuments, building IDs, and lettersets. The interior sign types, most created using finished aluminum, include room IDs, unit IDs, and wayfinding. Our team also built a custom floorplan display to present future residents the various unit layouts. View more photos of this project.


Highlands Ranch Identification Signs Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlands Ranch Monument Sign C470 Highlands Ranch Monument Sign C470 Highlands Ranch Monument Sign C470

COMPLETED February 2021
CLIENT Highlands Ranch Metro District
DESIGNER CW & H Graphics

Our team worked with Highlands Ranch Metro District to fabricate and install two large monument signs. Each sign is 7’ by 28’, double-faced, and features illuminated front lit channel letters. The signs are visible while driving on C-470 to attract new and current residents. View more photos of this project.


Feeling inspired? Contact us!

Novacryl PT Series White PETG

Novacryl PT Series White PETG sign sample  Nova Polymer White Sample  Novacryl PT Series White PETG sign sample


From Customer To Partner

Ad Light Group has been a customer of Nova Polymers since 2013. In 2017, we became a Nova Polymer Preferred Fabricator and we currently operate two Orbital X Processor Nova Polymer Machines. Last month, during the launch of a new material, Novacryl PT Series White PETG, we received an opportunity to create a sample sign. Our team designed and fabricated the sample in house and it can now be seen on Nova Polymer’s website.

Successful Sign Making

When creating white signs in the past, we had to paint photopolymer which increased labor hours, time, and cost. With the new material, we can be more efficient and cost effective with our sign making.


Ad Light Becomes Preferred Fabricator

Ad Light Group recently became a NovaAcryl Preferred Fabricator with Nova Polymers by participating in an audit process that ensures we follow The Company’s quality assurance guidelines. Those guidelines are as follows:


  • The facility adheres to material processing guidelines as specified by Nova Polymers, Inc.
  • Photopolymer processing equipment is maintained and in good working condition.
  • Is proficient in the use of the Novacryl brand of materials.
  • Has implemented good manufacturing processes that help to reduce errors and cycle time.
  • Understand the design/build process, so that they can work as a partner to ensure a quality end product that meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Braille and Tactile components respect current state and federal guidelines


Denver sign company Ad Light Group has used the Nova Polymers Photopolymer Processor since December 2013 to produce almost all ADA acrylic signs. This system has allowed us to gain efficiencies in the manufacturing process which results in quicker processing times and lower chance of error, which in turn provides our customer with a higher quality and more price competitive product. The system also allows for endless creativity to ensure each customer and property has a unique look that they can be proud of.


Check out our Preferred Fabricator profile on the Nova Polymers Website here.


Owner / VP of Business Development, Amanda Hurley, also did a short interview with Nova Polymers to discuss the positive affects the Nova Polymers system has had on our business. You can read the press release here.