Novacryl PT Series White PETG
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Novacryl PT Series White PETG

Novacryl PT Series White PETG sign sample  Nova Polymer White Sample  Novacryl PT Series White PETG sign sample


From Customer To Partner

Ad Light Group has been a customer of Nova Polymers since 2013. In 2017, we became a Nova Polymer Preferred Fabricator and we currently operate two Orbital X Processor Nova Polymer Machines. Last month, during the launch of a new material, Novacryl PT Series White PETG, we received an opportunity to create a sample sign. Our team designed and fabricated the sample in house and it can now be seen on Nova Polymer’s website.

Successful Sign Making

When creating white signs in the past, we had to paint photopolymer which increased labor hours, time, and cost. With the new material, we can be more efficient and cost effective with our sign making.