Ad Light Becomes Preferred Fabricator
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Ad Light Becomes Preferred Fabricator

Ad Light Group recently became a NovaAcryl Preferred Fabricator with Nova Polymers by participating in an audit process that ensures we follow The Company’s quality assurance guidelines. Those guidelines are as follows:


  • The facility adheres to material processing guidelines as specified by Nova Polymers, Inc.
  • Photopolymer processing equipment is maintained and in good working condition.
  • Is proficient in the use of the Novacryl brand of materials.
  • Has implemented good manufacturing processes that help to reduce errors and cycle time.
  • Understand the design/build process, so that they can work as a partner to ensure a quality end product that meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Braille and Tactile components respect current state and federal guidelines


Denver sign company Ad Light Group has used the Nova Polymers Photopolymer Processor since December 2013 to produce almost all ADA acrylic signs. This system has allowed us to gain efficiencies in the manufacturing process which results in quicker processing times and lower chance of error, which in turn provides our customer with a higher quality and more price competitive product. The system also allows for endless creativity to ensure each customer and property has a unique look that they can be proud of.


Check out our Preferred Fabricator profile on the Nova Polymers Website here.


Owner / VP of Business Development, Amanda Hurley, also did a short interview with Nova Polymers to discuss the positive affects the Nova Polymers system has had on our business. You can read the press release here.