Captivating Evertrees Lakewood Bathed in Sunset Glow | Ad Light Group
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Captivating Evertrees Lakewood Bathed in Sunset Glow

Evertrees Lakewood Illuminated at Sunset - A Symbol of Artistic Ingenuity

The iconic Evertrees Lakewood project stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and innovation. This captivating image captures the landmark’s patina steel trunks adorned with high-gloss aluminum leaves, illuminated by the golden light of sunset. A true marvel on Historic Colfax Ave, Evertrees Lakewood is a triumph of collaboration, bringing together the vision of artist Nestor Fedak and the expertise of Ad Light Group. Experience the enchantment firsthand as the sun’s rays dance upon the leaves, painting a picture of creativity and community spirit.