Ad Light Group | Town of Vail | Wayfinding
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  • Town of Vail directional arrows
  • Town of Vail wall directional
  • Town of Vail information building
  • Town of Vail information signs
  • Town of Vail lionshead parking sign
  • Town of Vail bus map

Town of Vail Wayfinding

For over a decade, Ad Light Group has provided signage for the Town of Vail. A few of these locations include Vail Health, The Welcome Center, and the Vail Golf & Nordic Clubhouse. For this specific project, we were contracted to build and install a wayfinding sign package for the Town of Vail. The project featured village wayfinding, illuminated vehicular arrows and vehicular directional signs, parking identification, CDOT parking information panels, and more. Ad Light Group was contracted directly by the Town of Vail and the sign package was designed by Stantec.


January 7, 2021